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Foredom H.15 Handpiece, Hammer
Foredom H.18 Handpiece, Quick Change
Foredom H.30 Handpiece, General Purpose
Foredom H.44T Handpiece, General Purpose
Foredom H.8 Handpiece, General Purpose
Foredom H.8D Handpiece, Duplex General Purpose
Foredom SR Hang-Up Motor with Plastic Foot Control
Medicool Turbo File II
Medicool NC3000 Electric Filer
Nailcraft NC3100 Salon Expert 3
Modelcraft 20 Pce Diamond Engraving Bit Set (2.35mm)
Modelcraft Heat Gun
Rotacraft Flap Sander, 240G, 15X5X2.35mm
Rotacraft Rubber Pad & 5 Coarse and 5 Fine Sanding Discs
Rotacraft Coarse Sanding Discs x 10
Rotacraft Fine Sanding Discs x 10
Rotacraft Coarse Sanding Bands x 10
Rotacraft Cotton Buffs x 2
Rotacraft Chamois Buff x 2
Rotacraft Calico Buffs (25mm) x 2
Rotacraft 3 Fold Felt Buffs x 2
Rotacraft Solid Felt Wheel Buffs x 2
Rotacraft knife-Edge Felt Wheel Buffs x 2
Rotacraft 3 Pce Assorted Mounted Felt Buffs-Small

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