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Foredom H.15 Handpiece, Hammer
Foredom H.18 Handpiece, Quick Change
Foredom H.30 Handpiece, General Purpose
Foredom H.44T Handpiece, General Purpose
Foredom H.8 Handpiece, General Purpose
Foredom H.8D Handpiece, Duplex General Purpose
Foredom SR Hang-Up Motor with Plastic Foot Control
Minitool 32100 Hobby Drill (80W)
Minitool 32105 High Torque Drill (80W)
Minitool 32120 High Speed Rotary Tool (80W)
Minitool 32130 High Speed Rotary Tool and Grinder
Minitool 32140 High Power Screwdriver and Rotary Tool
Minitool 320200 Jigsaw-Scroll Saw (60W)
Minitool 32204 Fine Blades x 10
Minitool 32205 Saw Table
Minitool 32206 Glass Fibre Diamond Saw Blade
Minitool 32210 Contour Jigsaw (60W)
Minitool 32215 Sword Saw (80W)
Minitool 32216 Saw Blades x 4
Minitool 32250 Micro Power Sander
Minitool 32305 Circular Saw Table (140W)
Minitool 32306 Saw Blade for Non Ferrous Metal
Minitool 32320 Belt Sander
Minitool 32321 Grain Grinding Belt (25mm)

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