Marking & Measuring

Marking & Measuring

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Jeweltool Brass Sliding Gauge (80mm)
Modelcraft Divider & Calipers (75mm)
Modelcraft Outside Divider & Calipers (75mm)
Modelcraft Inside Divider & Calipers (75mm)
Modelcraft Plastic Digital LCD Caliper (100mm)
Modelcraft Metal Digital Caliper (100mm)
Modelcraft Metal Digital Caliper (150mm)
Modelcraft Vernier Calipers (125mm)
Modelcraft 5 in 1 Angle Tool & Gauge (100mm)
Modelcraft Micrometer (0 - 25mm)
Modelcraft Depth Gauge with Protractor
Modelcraft Depth Gauge & Angle Finder (150mm)
Modelcraft Plastic Cutter Scriber
Modelcraft Spare Blades For Plastic Scriber x 5
Modelcraft Plastic Cutter Scriber Tool & 5 Spare Blades
Modelcraft Revolving Hole Punch
Modelcraft Auto Centre Punch
Modelcraft Steel Rule (150mm)
Modelcraft Steel Rule 12” (300mm)
Modelcraft Scale Steel Rule 12” (1/12th and 1/24th scale)
Modelcraft Punch ‘n’ Scribe Auto Centre Punch
Modelcraft Scriber With Fixed Carbide Point
Modelcraft Double Ended Handy Scriber (175mm)
Modelcraft Machinists Scriber (100mm)

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