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Jeweltool G-S Hypo Cement
Aztek Acrylic Airbrush Cleaner – 4oz (118ml)
Aztek Broadstroke Airbrush Set
Aztek AZ4709T Single & Double Action Internal Mix Kit
Aztek AZ470L Single & Double Action Internal Mix Airbrush
Aztek AZ4809T Single & Double Action Internal Mix Kit
Aztek AZ7778 The Ultimate Chrome Airbrush Set
Aztek Tan - Fine Detail Nozzle (0.3mm)
Aztek Grey - All Purposes Nozzle (0.4mm)
Aztek Turquoise - High Flow Nozzle (0.5mm)
Aztek Universal Airbrush Cleaning Station
Aztek Cleaning Station Filters x 3
Aztek Black - Detail Nozzle (0.4mm)
Aztek White - High Flow Nozzle (0.5mm)
Aztek Red - Small Coverage Nozzle (0.53mm)
Aztek Orange - Medium Coverage Nozzle (0.7mm)
Aztek Yellow - Large Coverage Nozzle (1.02mm)
Composi-Mold Bubble Buster 4fl oz (113ml)
Composi-Mold Bubble Buster 16 fl oz (473ml)
Composi-Mold Clear Casting Plastic 16 fl oz (473) kit
Composi-Mold Clear Casting Plastic 8 fl oz (236ml) kit
Composi-Mold ComposiStone 1Lb (454g)
Composi-Mold Instructional DVD
Composi-Mold Food Contact - 10oz (283g)

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