Shesto Brand Guidelines

The Shesto Logo is to be featured in all communications for Shesto.


Shesto brands include Modelcraft, JewelTool, Lightcraft, Rotacraft,
Policraft & Spraycraft, Shesto benefits from all the positive associations
and equity of our master brand. The combination of these elements expresses
the confidence, heritage and reliability of the Shesto range.


The Shesto logo must never be redrawn or altered as doing so can impact and weaken
our legal position in protecting it as a distinct trademark. Only authorised artwork may be used.




The Logo Design

The company logo is an important and valued graphic element and must be used consistently and appropriately, even minor variations will undermine and compromise the image of the branding.


The Logo with Tagline

The logo tagline is “'Trusted for quality, since 1907”. If the logo is used alone without supporting elements it is advisable to use the tagline alongside the logo. You can also use the tagline away from the logo as a separate supporting element. It is not mandatory to use the tagline but enhances the brand message if the opportunity to use it arises.


The Logo with Icon

The logo icon is a visual representation of the various elements that make up Shesto as an organisation. If the logo is used alone without supporting elements it is an advantage to use the icon and/or tagline alongside the logo. It is not mandatory to use the icon but enhances the brand message if the opportunity to use it arises.


Logo Usage

Always use master artwork when reproducing the logo design. It should never be recreated under any circumstances. Always ensure you are using the correct artwork for the application. When reproducing any logo elements, only the original high resolution or vector graphic files shall be used - logo download links can be found at the top of the page.



Incorrect Usage

The examples in this section demonstrate incorrect use of our brand mark. Avoiding incorrect use is important for several reasons. The Shesto name and brand mark are valuable assets, and incorrect use can weaken our ability to protect these assets. One incorrect use that is widely distributed will tend to encourage other incorrect uses.


The basic rule is not to alter or distort the Shesto brand mark in any way. Be particularly careful that the brand mark is not applied on busy patterns or cluttered images that visually compete with it.


Colour Scheme

Accurate reproduction of the brand colour scheme is essential in communicating a clear and consistent message about the company image. The Pantone colours should be used wherever possible, with CMYK / RGB being matched as closely as possible depending on the materials and print process. Black and white are acceptable as accent colours, in addition to the colours within the assigned scheme.



The primary typeface is Museo Sans. This has been carefully selected to best represent the brand image and must be used to retain consistency - especially within the logo.
Replacing fonts with alternatives should not be done under any circumstances.


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