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Foredom H.15 Handpiece, Hammer
Foredom H.18 Handpiece, Quick Change
Foredom H.30 Handpiece, General Purpose
Foredom H.44T Handpiece, General Purpose
Foredom H.8 Handpiece, General Purpose
Foredom H.8D Handpiece, Duplex General Purpose
Foredom HP103116 Collet 1/16 (1.6mm)
Foredom HP103115 Collet 3/32 (2.35mm)
Foredom HP103114 Collet 1/8 (3.18mm)
Foredom HP444 Collet 5/32 (4mm)
Foredom HP445 Collet 3/16 (4.8mm)
Foredom HP448 Collet (3mm)
Foredom HP449 Collet (6mm)
Foredom HP600 Collet Set x 4
Foredom HP601 Collet 1/32'' (1.35mm)
Foredom HP602 Collet 1/16'' (1.6mm)
Foredom HP604 Collet 1/8'' (3.18mm)
Foredom HP605 Collet (3mm)
Foredom Duplex Spring for #18 , #18D
Foredom Pair of Brushes - CC
Foredom Pair of Brushes - S/SR
Foredom MP132P Motor Brush Pair
Foredom Pair of Brushes - SR
Foredom Brushes for Series TX, TXH, LX, LXH, L,G

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