Jewellery Making & Repair

Jewellery Making & Repair

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Jeweltool G-S Hypo Cement
Jeweltool Beading Awl
Jeweltool Burnisher (Straight)
Jeweltool Burnisher (Curved)
Jeweltool Bead Stoppers x 5
Jeweltool Universal Work Holder
Jeweltool Non-Mar Wedge Clamp
Jeweltool Archimedean Drill Holder (With Return Spring)
Jeweltool Archimedean Drill Holder
Jeweltool 20 Pce Microbox Drill (0.3 - 1.6 mm)
Jeweltool 20 Pce Microbox Drill (61 - 80mm)
Jeweltool 10 Pce Microbox Drill (0.5 - 2.2mm)
Jeweltool 3 Pce Double Ended Stainless Steel Carvers
Jeweltool Divider & Calipers (75mm)
Jeweltool Universal Needle File Handle
Jeweltool 10 Pce Medium Cut Needle Files
Jeweltool 5 Pce Diamond Needle Files (140mm)
Jeweltool 10 Pce Medium Cut Double Ended Riffler Files
Jeweltool 6 Pce Needle Rasp Files (140mm)
Jeweltool 5 Pce Mini Diamond Files (100mm)
Jeweltool 4 Pce Diamond Coated Bead Reamer
Jeweltool Plastic Digital LCD Caliper (100mm)
Jeweltool Brass Sliding Gauge (80mm)
Jeweltool Ball Pein Hammer 1oz

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