Rotary Tools

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Minitool 32105 High Torque Drill (80W)
Minitool 32110 Chuck (0 - 6mm)
Minitool 32111 Drill Stand
Minitool 32112 5 Pce Twist Drill Set
Minitool 32120 High Speed Rotary Tool (80W)
Minitool 32121 Chuck (0 - 3.5mm)
Minitool 32122 Holding Device for High Speed Rotary Tool (MT320120)
Minitool 32123 Collets x 3
Minitool 32130 High Speed Rotary Tool and Grinder
Minitool 32501 Precision Router (110W)
Minitool 32502 Round Sole Cutter (5mm)
Minitool 32503 Q-Rod Cutter (5mm)

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