New in Stock: Cordless Micro Rotary Tool

New Cordless Micro Rotary Tool with 3-speed settings, 12 Accessories and USB Charger

Rotacraft 3.6V Micro Rotary Tool

A precision rotary tool with a compact pen-style design perfect for fine detail work.
Lightweight and portable with 12 accessories included, suitable for a range of light-duty applications.

•  Three speeds: 5000/10000/15000rpm
•  Excellent control and precision
•  Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery
•  Includes 2.3mm collet & 12 accessories
•  Ideal for modelling, craft & delicate DIY tasks


Weighing only 90g, this compact tool is easy to handle.

Perfect for working with softwoods & metals, plastic & resin.

Designed for detailed, delicate and precision close-up work.

Easily recharged via USB cable in just 2 hours, with a continuous usage time of 35 mins.


Includes 12 accessories for sanding, shaping, filing, cleaning, polishing, carving & engraving.

  • Grinding Stones x2
  • Wood Carving Burr
  • Small Steel Brush
  • Small Brass Brush
  • Medium Ball & Flame Diamond Bits
  • Sanding Drum Mandrel
  • Fine & Coarse Sanding Drums
  • Polishing Wheel Shank
  • Fleece Wheel (6 x 9mm)



Rotacraft offers an excellent range of precision tool kits – 12 volts, 230 volts and Cordless, suitable for beginner and the professional user. The tools are supported by a wide range of accessories and attachments. Ideal for modelling, electronics, general DIY, craftwork, antique repair & restoration, engraving, jewellery making plus a variety of other precision tasks.



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